Welcome to Infinite Cycle

Australia’s only virtual cycle studios with responsive, leaning bikes teamed with state of the art technology

Responsive Bikes

Infinite Cycle uses indoor bikes which offer a unique, dynamic experience, allowing riders to turn, tilt and lean as they ride. When cycling in a standing position, the bike will ‘move’ underneath the rider in exactly the same way if you were on a road bike. And because of this technology you burn 20% more calories than a regular spin class.

Virtual Rides

We have all heard of the virtual experience but for this to really be true you have to be able to interact with your environment. Our bikes allow each rider to race the pack overtaking as you ride faster all within a digital world where the roads rise and drop and you lean as you ride around corners.

Top Instructors

There is nothing worse than doing an awesome class only to return to a different instructor that really isn’t up to standards. All our programming is done at IC HQ in Waterloo and then the instructors are trained on the releases as they are created. This will make sure that you never get a dud and feel motivated and challenged throughout your workout.

Personal Bests

We are all different and have different fitness levels. Our state of the art system will track everything from your heart rate power output to how fast you peddle, the best thing is that its not a one size fits all, everything down to your outfit on the screen is tailored to you. The only question is do you make your avatar match your outfit on the day

Our Story

We have a deep passion for cycling, the fitness industry and innovation.

With the user experience paramount from the very start, we have pushed to the very limit to bring to Australia the most immersive cycle experience ever seen.

It has been the culmination of two years of sourcing the highest quality, most innovative products and expertise from around the globe, that has allowed us to create the most memorable and enjoyable cycling experience – the ride of your life!

With the goal of changing the way you spin forever you will never look at a cycle class the same way again. Three distinct styles of class will challenge and keep you evolving bringing you to a place where your mind can rest and your body can experience the infinite possibilities it never knew existed.

Infinite Goals – Infinite Fun – Infinite Cycle

We’re always looking for talent

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