Membership Categories


1) Pay per ride/Ride Packages


2) Infinite Cycle Unlimited Membership

Direct Debit- Infinite Cycle contacts a 3rd party provider- Ezypay that manages the direct debit of your membership (through OFS interface). As per contract agreement, the scheduled amount will come out of your nominated bank account or credit card weekly. Any banking changes must be updated via the Infinite Cycle app as soon as possible to avoid any rejection fees due to insufficient funds or incorrect bank account details etc.


Cooling off- 5-business day cooling off period if you wish to change your mind, plus a $15 administration fee.


Hold– Memberships can be put on hold for a minimum of 2 weeks.


Refunds- are no refunds during the 3 months minimum term.


Cancelations- valid after fulfilling the minimum term of 3 months. A written cancelation must be made to info@infinitecycle.com.au with a minimum notice of 14 business days.